Monday, February 6, 2012

Cebu, Philippines

at Jollibee

Lancaster Hotel

The "Bukhaki" . . .aka Philippine Lizard

Ali'is first "Bukhaki"

quote "Mommy . . .Where can i get a passport for my "Butaki so i can bring him back to Utah?"

Bashantiis first local pet

with Tantan, Kamala, ME, and older sister,Sumit.

Bashantii loves to show her love to everybody.

courtesy of Uncle Rudy . . .all done with sea shells.

Bashantii with Uncle Rudy

with Aunt Sumit

at the Mall, with cousin Kamala and Tantan

Philippine sweet tooth

B E A C H . . .

Ali'i and ME trying to build a sand castle

The sand feels AWESOME!!!

The FOUR musketeers

Miss Philippines 2012

with Aunt Sumit

rehydrating . . .

The Merboy

with Kamalas pet Rabbit

in Kamalas soccer game

at Jollibee with my Spaghetti

The Tale of Two Sisters:"Cecilia and Aida"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lake Sebago, Maine

The Ice Cabin

The main Log house taken from east side.

Mom's old Room

                The view of the log house from the shore

The main attraction  . . .

with Kazu (in China town, Boston. Mass.)

Uncle Cousin Bill Stroud with wife, Janice.

out on the porch having breakfast (Ken and Kazu)

Getting ready to go canoing.

one of the island we stopped over for lunch.

Kazu and Uncle Ken

GIANT lobsters . . .for dinner.

Uncle Ken with Matzu showing Moms old room.

Uncle Wiltons paintings.

The Boat house turned into The Rec. house.

Game of Horseshoe

Aunt cousin Sandy

Beer anyone?

Most (if not all) paintings are painted by Uncle Wilton

One of Moms potteries

Dinner is served.

UNcle Ken . . .the Chef with Uncle cousin Bill

Enjoying the sun and scenery

They're all wine lovers.

Cousin Stanly

Uncle Dallas's house

Meeting Grandma at the nursing home.

3 Generation

with Mikki, Kazu, Me, Sean and Grandma